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In manufacturing, operation, and maintenance processes, comprehensive inspections are vital for ensuring the reliability and safety of critical components. Aircraft, vehicles, marine vessels, boats, and drones require meticulous examination of their blades, wings, body, and frames, irrespective of whether they are composed of composites, ceramics, stealth materials, or metals. Similarly, armor and body armor inspections are crucial, especially when made from composites, stealth materials, or ceramics, to guarantee optimal protection for personnel and assets.


Tools used across various industries to identify, analyze, and detect a wide range of substances, objects, or phenomena. Ultraviolet, infrared light sources; photography and lighting equipment; taking fingerprints, developers; laboratory equipment; ballistics test equipment; drugs, medicines, explosive detection and identification spectrometers and other equipment; Gas Detectors for hazardous gases detection; X-ray Machines; Particle Counters; Metal Detectors; Water Quality Analyzers; Radiation Detectors; Microscopes and other optical tools.


Cost-effective and comprehensive target solutions. Wireless communication allows targets to interact with the server up to 1000m and beyond (subject to line of sight, interference, altitude, and atmospheric conditions). Flexible power supply options ensure uninterrupted full-day training with rechargeable batteries. Laser training cartridges enable safe dry fire exercises and laser bullet markers facilitate precise feedback during firearm training. These cutting-edge tools elevate training efficiency, accuracy, and versatility for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Advanced 3D, Material and construction analyses with Computed Tomography (CT). For composite material, carbon-fiber (CFR), honeycomb, turbine blades, welds. Detection of typical flaws like de-lamination, cracks, inclusions, porosity, undercuts. Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) for certain parts. Compliant to international standards (EN-17636, ASTM, ASME Section 5). Faster inspection process by using Digital Radiography (DR) as a film replacement Geometric measurement of inner structures, visualization of hidden details.


UAVs, unmanned aerial systems, excel in reconnaissance, surveillance & specialized tasks. With long range fixed-wing or vertical takeoff options, they assure high performance. Encrypted communication secures data while advanced protection minimizes interference risks. Invaluable for military, disaster response, environmental monitoring & precision agriculture, UAVs revolutionize aerial operations, ensuring efficiency & safety across industries. Their adaptability drives technological advancements, reshaping the future of aerial exploration.


RIB/Boats and ship equipment for diverse sectors: Law Enforcement, Coast Guards, Customs Agencies, Offshore Oil & Gas, Search & Rescue, Commercial Organizations, fishing, water sports, leisure, Military, Port Authorities, Naval & Special Forces. Our wide range includes RIB models from 4.8 up to 12.5m, built to the highest commercial standards, ensuring reliability and strength. Count on our vessels for exceptional performance and versatility in demanding marine operations.


RVI tools, like borescopes, fiberscopes, endoscopes or videoscopes with object measurement capability facilitating examinations in inaccessible or hard-to-reach places for real-time video inspection. Thermal Imaging cameras and night vision devices in low-light scenarios, enhancing safety and surveillance. Thermal and Infrared radiation detection, enabling flaw detection, leak localization and preventive maintenance in various applications. Tactical Remote Monitoring Systems for remote surveillance and data collection in challenging environments.


An Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) is a robotic land vehicle designed for tasks like reconnaissance, surveillance, or transport. UGVs vary in mobility (wheels, tracks, legs), use sensors (cameras, LIDAR, radar), and communicate wirelessly. They can operate autonomously or with human control, carry payloads like robotic arms, and have diverse power sources. UGVs adapt to different terrains and find applications in military, agriculture, search and rescue, mining, and more. Recent advancements in technology have made UGVs more capable and versatile in various industries.


Handles, grips, foregrips, laser markers, sniper sights, high-powered scopes, night sights, brackets, supports, mounts, bipods, cleaning kits, lubricants, extra magazines, conversion kits, recoil pads, muzzle brakes, tactical lights, bipod adapters, pistol grips, rail systems, sling mounts, suppressors, optic magnifiers, adjustable stocks, red dot sights, forend grips, magazine couplers, extended mag releases, shell holders, weapon lights/lasers, handstops, QD sling swivels, scope covers. These accessories cater to diverse the needs, providing tactical advantages, comfort, and customization options.


3D dimensional analysis and quality control utilize digital 3D scanners for precision measurements, when accuracy ranging from 0.1 to 0.05 mm, scanning at one million points per second. Data is compared with source files or drawings, ensuring model integrity. It aids industrial design, creating new objects, restoring lost elements, mirroring, scaling, and refinement. In engineering, it streamlines prototyping and quality assurance. In art, it facilitates replication & preservation of intricate artifacts, fostering innovation and preserving cultural heritage.


The flexible modular omnidirectional programmable signal jamming systems are highly versatile and adaptable. Seamlessly integrated into robots, vehicles, or stationary installations, they offer programmable capabilities for precise signal disruption. Their wide jamming frequency spectrum neutralizes diverse communication threats like radio, GPS, and wireless signals, making them invaluable for defense, security, and counter-terrorism operations. These advanced jamming systems empower operations teams with efficient and reliable protection against emerging threats in critical situations.