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Milisec was founded to provide top-quality protection, security, defense, safety, control products, and services to law enforcement agencies, state border and coastal protection services, customs agencies, search and rescue services, national armed forces, port authorities, maritime and special forces, fishing and water sports organizations, oil and gas industry companies, commercial organizations, and other institutions.

Milisec contributes by offering solutions for the protection of employees in various fields of activity, ensuring public safety in high-risk situations. We strive to provide cutting-edge security, safety, and control solutions throughout the scope of our company's operations, ensuring the safety and well-being of our partners.

The Milisec team and our partners, including former military personnel, law enforcement officers, analysts, and scientists, product developers, and manufacturers, understand the importance of security and the value of utilizing advanced equipment. Therefore, we take pride in working together with law enforcement, defense forces, air forces, government institutions, border protection agencies, and private companies, including all potential partners, to deliver the best available products in the market to our clients.


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